The modern Yanardag museum’s fine workmanship distinguishes itself. A combination of traditional museum exhibits, 3D layouts, video installations, and video clips encourage the exploration of this unique place. The objects — dishes, household items, and tools — belong to 17th and 18th centuries. Each exhibit has a detailed description containing the object’s name, purpose, and temporary affiliation. Visitors also encounter exciting models, such as “Ateshgah,” the temple of fire worshipers, and “Mud Volcanoes,” one of the most fascinating natural phenomena in the territory of Azerbaijan and a section of the geological strata of Yanardag. Four monitors show videos about fire-worship in Azerbaijan, Ateshgah Temple in Surakhany, mud volcanoes, and Yanardag. A contemporary installation by the famous sculptor Hussein Hagverdiyev creates an imaginative play of lines, shadows, and light. Furthermore, a digital image of fire symbolically completes and complements the overall picture on the wall of the museum.